And they wore what…Mothers Day

IMG_4539Mother’s Day is a holiday anomaly. It’s supposed to be the day for the mamas to relax to enjoy not having the same responsibilities we mothers daily take on. However, as all of us moms know, holidays take work. There is the cleaning, the cooking, the decor, not to mention getting yourself and the littles outfitted for the day. So now that all three of the ladies in our family are mothers we got together to try and find a way to enjoy a beautiful day together without spending an arm and a leg or breaking one ????. Our first brainstorm was a way to eat with a large group of people without going out to a restaurant. We also did not want to have to spend hours doing prep and clean up after church. So we decided to do some breakfast casseroles courtesy of the talented Mix and Match Mama. We made her French toast, bacon Gouda, and a slight variation of the Sausage casserole. We then cut up some raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries for a simple and colorful fruit salad. Some lemonade and iced coffee rounded out our menu. We made the casseroles the night before and baked them after church. With these few dishes we feed 12 people and had very minimal clean up.IMG_4550
As for the decor we utilized one of our absolute favorite tricks Trader Joe’s flowers. Trader Joe’s has the widest,most economical selection of flowers we have ever come across. We pulled double duty for this holiday as well. Using the floral arrangements we purchased to gift one another as decor. We found some gorgeous tulips and some potted plants as well. Insider tip: you can order custom flowers from your local TJ. We actually did this for Ashley’s wedding and it was beautiful and cost effective. We added some of grandmother’s china and butcher paper with a touch of personalization and we had a nice table scape to make it feel festive.IMG_4542
Finally, we had to outfit ourselves arguably one of the hardest parts of planning any event. We wanted to look pretty but comfy and we went straight from church to put brunch. Tammy wore our “Karen” dress with a duster length gray sweater. This shirt dress is ultra flattering but at a length that makes clean up and set up still easy to do. Lauren wore our “Amanda” maxi dress with nude wedges. The maxi looks dressy but is so easy to wear you feel like you are lounging in sweats. Ashley wore our “Cori joggers” with an adorable periwinkle tank from old navy and our classic black cardi. Ashley dressed up the versatile joggers with wedges and some cute jewelry. All three of us felt pretty enough to to take pictures but comfy enough to do the light clean up after brunch. We naturally had to dress our boys in their “mama” tee shirts from Alley and Rae, and West Of 3rd. IMG_4580¬†After all Mother’s Day felt like the perfect occasion for the sentiment of mama being irreplaceable!
Overall we had one of the most enjoyable Mother’s Day we have had in a long time. We were able to spend the day with one another and our children while still making the day special. We felt relaxed and beautiful and that’s all a mama can wish for on her special day.

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